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Mark and C at work

Filmmakers’ Statement

Although we are heterosexuals, we realize that discrimination is just plain wrong. And we get mad when we see the misinformation that is spread about LGBT people, much of it by religious leaders!

Our goal for Preacherís Sons is to let the audience ñ including people of faith ñ take a good long look at these men and their children. The Stewart family will make them laugh, touch their hearts, and replace the fear of a “threat to the family” with an openness to families that are different.

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C Reed became interested in ethnographic film as a student in Cultural Anthropology. She is also a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, whose short screenplay was produced by Showtimeís Discovery Program. Her approach to documentary work is influenced by both ethnographic film and narrative filmmaking. C guards the secret of her given first name the way Rumplestiltskin guarded his gold.

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Mark Amos Nealey worked in many capacities in a wide range of film and video genres. His work as editor and as director garnered many awards, including his short film Fifteenth Phase of the Moon, made for the Discovery Program. Mark’s breadth and depth of knowledge made it possible for him and C to document the Stewart family and create Preacher’s Sons as a team of two. Shortly after editing was completed, Mark passed away. His contributions, including this final one, live on.